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Lash House SUPER BONDER 15ml

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Lash House Super Bonder is a new revolutionary product that MAXIMIZES lash retention by up to 30%.

Super Bonder increases the flexibility of the adhesive, enhancing the bonding between the eyelash and the extensions. It can be used with all types of adhesives.


- Reduces irritation and sensitivity by instantly curing adhesive, allowing clients to wet their lashes almost immediately after application.
- Eliminates the need for misters and drying fans.
- Compatible with any adhesive, particularly effective in low humidity environments.
- Maximizes lash retention by up to 30%. 
- A 15ml bottle lasts for up to 200 applications.
- Shelf life of 6 months once opened.

Directions for Use

- Begin by ensuring that all surfaces and tools are clean and sterile.

Step 1: Initial Application
- Apply a small drop (about the size of a pinhead) of Super bonder onto a micro brush.
- Carefully apply the product to the bottom 2-3mm of the lashes you plan to use, or directly onto the natural lashes.

Step 2: Drying and Lashing  
- Allow the product to dry for approximately one minute. During this time, prepare for the lash application.
- Proceed with applying lashes as usual. You should notice that the lashes adhere more quickly.

Step 3: Post-Application 
- Once you have completed the lash application, dispense another small drop of Super bonder onto a fresh micro brush.
- Carefully remove any excess product from the brush to prevent it from entering the client’s eyes.

Step 4: Final Touch
- Gently apply the Super bonder to the very base of the lashes where the adhesive was initially used.
- Allow the product to settle briefly, then instruct your client to gently open their eyes.

- Avoid direct contact with the eyes during application.
- If irritation occurs, rinse immediately with water and consult a professional.



Please adhere to the following cautions strictly intended for professional use:

- For Professional Use Only: This product is designed for use by trained professionals only.

  - External Use Only: Do not ingest; this product is strictly for external application.

  - Client Safety Protocol:

  • Never work while your client's eyes are open to avoid any potential risks.
  • Perform all procedures with the client's eyes securely closed.

- Storage and Accessibility:

  • Keep the product out of reach of children.
  • Store in a secure location to prevent unauthorized use.

- Direct Contact Precautions:

  • Avoid direct contact with eyes, mouth, and skin.
  • In case of accidental contact or an emergency, seek immediate medical assistance.
  • Thoroughly wash your hands after handling the product.

- Protective Measures:

  • Always wear protective gloves, clothing, eye protection, and face protection during use to safeguard against accidental splashes or spills.

- Pre-Application Testing:

  • Conduct a patch test before using the product to check for potential allergic reactions or skin sensitivity.

- First Aid Measures for Skin Contact:

  • If the product contacts the skin, promptly wash the affected area with soap and water.
  • Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes.
  • If wearing contact lenses and it is easy to remove them, do so and continue rinsing to fully clear any residues.



Super Bonder should only be used after treatment is complete, applying it strictly to the glue zone with a microfiber brush. Contact with skin may cause irritation. Use with caution.

Lash House SUPER BONDER 15ml
Lash House SUPER BONDER 15ml Sale price$33.95