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Flat Lash Trays

At the core of our flat lashes lies our groundbreaking integrated technology, setting a new standard for premium lash products. Unlike traditional round fibers, our flat lashes feature a unique, flattened base, which ensures a better fit and more natural-looking effect perfect for clients that have weaker lashes.

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FLAT LASH - Classic Matte Black
Save $10.95Bis FLAT Lash 0.15/0.20, 7-15mm MIX
Bis FLAT Lash 0.15/0.20, 7-15mm MIX Sale price$10.95 Regular price$21.90

Unveil the Secret to Lasting Lash and Brow Beauty

Welcome to Lash House Supplies, where we redefine the essence of eyelash beauty with our exclusive line of lash extension preparation and care products.

Our premium range includes everything from gentle cleansing formulas to star quality primers, adhesives, preparation and consumables meticulously crafted to prepare your lashes for extensions and maintain their allure post-application. Dive into a world where lash health and beauty coexist.

At Lash House Supplies, we’re committed to offering not just products but solutions that support your lash and brow health and beauty aspirations.