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FLAT LASH - Classic Matte Black

Sale price$19.95

Lash House's Flat Lashes are a revolution in eyelash technology.

Features and Technology: 
At the core of our flat lashes lies our groundbreaking integrated technology, setting a new standard for premium lash products. Unlike traditional round fibers, our flat lashes feature a unique, flattened base, which ensures a better fit and more natural-looking effect perfect for clients that have weaker lashes.

Cutting-Edge Design

Flat Shape: Maximizes contact area with the natural lash, ensuring superior hold and longevity.
Lightweight Feel: Despite their voluminous appearance, our lashes offer unparalleled comfort, making them ideal for all-day wear.
Intense Matte Black Finish: Provides a mesmerizing, eye-defining effect without the need for mascara

Available in mixed trays
16 ROWS 
7mm X 2
8mm X 2
9mm X 2
10mm X 3
11mm X 3
12mm X 2
13mm X 2
FLAT LASH - Classic Matte Black
FLAT LASH - Classic Matte Black Sale price$19.95